There is a box addressed only to you that you have been avoiding opening.

Open the box.

Your mind does things, to the box. It makes it bigger than it is. Deeper.

Left to your mind, the contents of your box are always bad, they’re always something you don’t want, in an amount that is more than you can handle. They are always insufficient, and everyone is there to see it opened. A relentless, never ending Al Capone’s vault of the mind.

That same mind has been trained, by your delicate superego, by the echoing voices of your peers, maybe your parents, or your exes and definitely by social media to believe that no one else wants to see what’s in the box, either. They’ve seen it a thousand times! To say nothing of the fact that you were wrong to open that particular box, in the first place. Indeed, there’s a way you are opening it uniquely wrong. Someone else would have been more qualified.

But then it looks like you are the only one here, now.

If you have the kind of mind that is inclined toward positivity and abundance, this is a moment of great possibility. It could be uniquely special, truly great, a one of a kind. If you are, by contrast, the kind of person who imagines the worst, it could be that, too. A fiasco, terrible. Uniquely terrible? Perhaps.

But no worse than that.

But the first task is to open it. See what you have to work with.

Read the results.
Deliver the creative work.
Ship the software.
Give the performance.

This could be amazing! It could be your finest hour.

And it could be terrible!

But no better, or worse, than that.

Let’s go.


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