About magic bullet studios

There was a time where we worked for the big agencies, developing so-called creative: websites, ads and applications.

A day came where we realized that we didn’t want to just develop creative things but to solve business problems in the most integrated and elegant way possible. That’s not about the elements, but the whole.

These days we aren’t into big creative presentations and fancy travel budgets. Our process has changed. Now instead of building things, we start with the results you want and develop the plan that gets your business there. 

We take a multidisciplinary approach to hitting a goal. Yes, we build websites, but we also do also Search Engine Optimization ( SEO), Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Web Analytics Reporting

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We DEVELOP YOUR strategy

We build you a holistic digital strategy based on your company’s goals. We deliver a plan that drives specific, measurable results— whether that’s more leads generated, appointments made, or products sold.


Then we build to it: your website, app, email or ad. Tactics refer to the way to attain the strategy, some combination of different digital marketing elements that hit your goals. No more, no less.

we Measure and adapt

Then we track it, report it, and improve on it using custom dashboards built to deliver insights and recommendations you can act on.

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