A blurred tram goes by at speed.

Speed is more important than ever.

In a competitive landscape, it’s critically important that your site makes it to the top of search results and users aren’t frustrated by the experience they have when they do reach you.

With recent changes to Google’s algorithm, site speed has become one of the most important ranking factors.

This is particularly critical for mobile experiences.

Google now uses mobile as the reference experience to determine site usability via their Core Web Vitals metrics. To search engines, you’re only as good as your mobile experience!

“In 2020, Google completed a study looking at millions of page impressions. They discovered that when a site meets the recommended thresholds for the Core Web Vitals metrics, it resulted in users being at least 24% less likely to leave a page before it loads.”

–  E-Consultancy Hobo.co.uk

Studies show that users will often navigate away from pages that take more than three seconds to load. More impressively, for every second after three seconds, the probability of the user “bouncing” increases substantially. After 6 seconds the likelihood of a bounce increases 106%!

The solution is to optimize your site for speed

Run and Track baseline Metrics 

We systematically take a Performance Audit of the site and establishing baseline metrics.

Review First Contentful Paint

We review scores and look for opportunities to compress, defer processing, shrink and optimize.  

Review & Revise Speed Index

These techniques deliver immediate performance. You don’t have to be the fastest–any improvement helps.

Review Largest Contentful Paint

These techniques significantly improve your performance, creating better rankings.

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