Case Study: Verizon Media

Originally the brand was called “Oath.” Oath was formed in Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo and AOL, and represented the unification of that pair, plus their respective product portfolios. The result was a media megacompany comprising over 35 well-known media brands in 22 countries and a new ad network.

What We Did

Their objectives were ambitious: to directly compete with the best in the business, Facebook and Google. Managing the ongoing website development for a brand of this stature means a massive intake of requests, processes that protect and enhance the mission while showing its range and depth of offerings, and finding a way to bring cohesion to what would be called a “house of brands.”


MB was brought in to develop a team within that house. We worked with the Oath creative team and hired support staff to deliver a rapid cadence of ongoing site deployments for product and partnership announcements, integration of newly owned properties, and overall rebranding. But then “Oath” became “Verizon Media…”


A second rebrand! By switching to a scrum-based agile product methodology, we were able to manage 53 site requests in three months, deploying high profile projects with global visibility, hire to scale and train-in a steady-state team.

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