A collage of site covers including Chevrolet Thailand, Chevy Brasil, and Chevrolet United Arab Emirates were all sites managed by Maceo's team.

Case Study: General Motors for MRM Worldwide

While working for MRM Worldwide (now known as MRM // McCann), Maceo was tasked with management of the international portfolio of sites for Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC. There were two centralized technical hubs, one in Frankfurt, to serve Europe and parts of Asia, and one , at that time newly stood-up capacity in Detroit to serve the United States and Canada.

What We Did

Distinct regions and markets with different characteristics and requirements meant there was a lot of possibility of repeating work and having an endless list of product improvements rushing in from everywhere from Dubai to Santiago. New legal requirements in Belgium? Completely different car lineup in Brazil? What’s the best way to solve all this?

Maceo worked with the clients to establish a global steering committee and pipeline of requests and shared roadmap across a single, shared platform. Working through support offices in Bangkok, Dubai, Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, New York City and Detroit, the team was able to deliver complete sites across Latin America, and converted the rest into a centralized, daily operation to service local client needs.

Cover: Chevrolet Brazil