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Oath was a new brand formed in Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo and AOL. A media megacompany comprising over 35 well-known brands, their objectives were ambitious: to compete with the best in the business, Facebook and Google. Managing the ongoing website development for a brand of this stature means a massive intake of requests, processes that protect and enhance the mission while showing its range and depth of offerings, and finding a way to bring cohesion to what would be called a “house of brands.”


MB was brought in to help product manage a new b2b campaign website and transition it to a new, rebranded, long term B2B website.  We staffed a new creative team and rebranded, working with remote technical teams in Sunnyvale to define and develop the components and capabilities of the new platform.  We worked with the VM team to bring on a staff dedicated to delivering solutions for a rapid cadence of ongoing site deployments for product and partnership announcements, integration of newly owned properties, and overall rebranding, as well as localized international versions.


Managing 53 requests in three months, deploying high profile projects with global visibility, hiring to scale and training best-practices were all part of the day-to-day.   Our success was in moving from project-based, reactive responses into repeatable Product management methodology based on Scrum principles.  We established a product intake system, with meetings to establish business impact and capabilities, a backlog, and a Product Roadmap.  The process established is still in place, deploying as many as three builds a week.




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