Employee photos used as backgrounds would change on every reload.
A giant.

Oath is a new brand that was formed by Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo! And AOL. A media megacompany comprising over 35 well-known brands, their objectives are ambitious: to compete with the best in the business, Facebook and Google. Managing the ongoing website development for a brand of this stature means a massive intake of requests, processes that protect and enhance the mission while showing its range and depth of offerings, and finding a way to bring cohesion to what would be called a "house of brands."

The house of brands.

MB was brought in to develop a team within a family. After a merger of this size, additional staff support was needed to identify and own the corporate site needs. We worked with the Oath team to bring on a staff dedicated to delivering solutions for a rapid cadence of ongoing site deployments for product and partnership announcements, integration of newly owned properties, and overall rebranding.

A sitewide challenge.

Managing 53 requests in three months, deploying high profile projects with global visibility, hiring to scale and training best-practices were all part of the day-to-day. MB are still onsite with the client, working through new challenges and deploying as many as three builds a week.

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